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AGM Minutes – Saturday 1 June 2019

Present: Sarah Perrett (Chairman), Tony Abbott (Vice- Chairman), Mike Williams, Charlotte Scott, Richard Infield, Eric Yates, Graeme Brown, Paddy Godwin, Catherine Lloyd (College Director)

Apologies: Claire Van Leersum, Nick Drury

1. The minutes of the 2018 AGM were accepted and approved.

2. Chairman’s Report: Sarah Perrett reported that she intends to stand down at today’s AGM and thanked the committee for all their support over the past decade.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Mike Williams circulated the statement of revenue and expenditure, capital account and bank accounts. There was an excess of expenditure over revenue of £1,177.09 for general expenses for the newsletter, web site hosting, travel expenses and gifts. As with all businesses and organisations we have very little interest on our deposits (£194.49). The Current Account contains £3,119.99 and the Deposit Account contains £25,185.17.

4. IT Manager’s Report: Paddy Godwin reported that the database is as up to date as it can be. Note the web site address is

5. Editor’s Report: Graeme reported his intention to try and publish the next newsletter in December of this year so people have something to read over Christmas. He asked for as many people as possible to send him their contributions including course updates and any articles or stories they may have which would be of interest.

6. Election of Officers for the ensuing year:
Chairman: Tony Abbott – proposed by Sarah Perrett, seconded by Charlotte Scott

Vice Chairman: Richard Infield - proposed by Tony Abbott seconded by Charlotte Scott

Secretary: Charlotte Scott-Osborn – proposed by Richard Infield, seconded by Tony Abbott

Treasurer: Mike Williams – proposed by Eric Yates, seconded by Charlotte Scott

IT Manager: Patrick Godwin – proposed by Mike Williams, seconded by Eric Yates

Editor: Graeme Brown – proposed by Paddy Godwin, seconded by Sarah Perrett

Committee members: Nick Drury, Eric Yates, Sarah Perrett, Claire Van Leersum and Sallyartwright were re-elected ‘en bloc’.

7. The annual draw then took place – 1st (£250) No. 01 Eric Yates, 2nd (£150) No. 80, John Humphreys and 3rd (£50) No. 75 Tony Ducker

8. AOB. The SCA Funded a keepsake tree this year for the new Zoological building which will be placed in the main reception area (building due to be completed by the new term in September 2019) people (ex students, sponsors or anyone with a connection to the college) will be able to purchase leaves or apples with their names engraved on them which will be hung from the tree. All money will go towards the funding of the new building.

9. Tony and Charlotte will attend the annual presentation evening at Shuttleworth College later this month to represent the Alumni.

This concluded the Annual General Meeting

Charlotte Scott-Osborn
01 June 2019

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